How to Tie The Uni-Knot

This knot is strong, reliable, easy to tie and the only knot you need to know for braided line. The Uni-Knot is an excellent knot for securing line to terminal tackle. It's also the foundation of the entire Uni-Knot system. Note that the Uni-Knot can be left as a loop or tightened down so it's snug to the hook eye (see Steps 4 and 5).

  1. Run at least six inches of line through the eye of the hook, swivel, or lure, and fold to make two parallel lines. Bring the tag end of the line back in a circle toward the hook or lure.

  2. Make six turns with the tag end around the double line and through the circle.

  3. Hold the double line at the point where it passes through the eye, and pull the tag end to snug up the turns.

  4. To create a loop connection: Adjust the loop size by sliding the knot up or down the standing line. Then pull the tag end with pliers to maximize tightness.

  5. To create a snug knot: Pull the standing line to slide the knot up against the eye. Then continue pulling until the knot is tight.

  6. Trim the tag end flush with the closest coil on the knot.