How to Tie The Snelling Knot

Ever wondered how they tie those fancy knots on those pre-packaged hooks? Here's how it's done. Usually, only tied by the purest, now you too can do it.

Instructions for tying the Snelling Knot:

  1. Pass the end of the line, through the eye twice, leaving a loop hanging below the hook.

  2. Hold both lines along the shank of the hook.

  3. Use the loop to wind tight coils around the shank and both lines, from the eye upwards. Use from 5 to 10 turns.

  4. Use the fingers to hold these tight coils in place. Pull the line (extending from the eye) until the whole loop has passed under these tight coils.

  5. With coils drawn up, use pliers to pull up the end of the line.